Program Management

AOS provides a full range of consulting services for telecommunications projects. Whether you need us to manage the details for you or do the work ourselves, AOS offers you any or all of the services necessary for development of your communications systems network.

Program and project management services include:

Management of all project team members
Effort-hour budgeting and expense control
Design and control of document distribution and database systems
Resource allocation
Quality control
Mapping/GIS support to RF
Preparation and distribution of design standards
Development of construction management documents and procedures
Database tracking of all equipment and construction costs
Preparation and distribution of cost reports
Periodic review and adjustment of procedures, designs, and construction methodology

Site Acquisition

AOS uses real estate specialists who are intimately familiar with the area's zoning processes. Our civil engineers work closely with real estate staff to choose sites that will accommodate towers from an engineering standpoint first, eliminating costly site-kills later in the development process. Our site acquisition services include:

Technical support to real estate for review of candidate sites
Structural assistance to real estate for rooftop candidates
Preparation of real estate checklists for preferred candidates
Mapping/GIS support Zoning research assistance
Preparation of exhibits and technical data for public hearings and zoning boards
Public relations
Balloon testing and digital renderings of proposed sites

Engineering and Design

The success of the engineering and design phase of site development is dependent upon all other previous phases. Coordination and cooperation between real estate and engineering and design is extremely important. In addition, it is necessary to establish a local presence to expedite permit approvals and to address any design issues raised by permitting agencies. AOSís engineering and design services include:

Environmental hazards database research Phase I and 11 site assessments Preparation of FCC environmental checklists
Utility location and relocation
Soil borings, Soils classifications and foundation recommendations
Pre-construction foundation inspections
Site evaluation
GPS and field surveying
Lease exhibit and 2C letter preparation
Civil, electrical, structural, and mechanical design
Preparation of specifications and construction drawings
Structural analysis and evaluation of existing towers
Permit preparation and submittal
Database tracking of submittals
Submittal and tracking of FAA permits

Construction Management

AOS knows that during construction it is critical to minimize costs, adhere to the schedule, and ensure that high standards are met. We employ seasoned construction managers and put them where the projects are. These construction managers will assist in the selection of qualified local contractors, schedule construction and installation activities, coordinate purchasing and delivery of equipment, and supervise a team of resident project representatives, who conduct field inspections as construction takes place to ensure that standards an quality are met. Our construction management services include:

Vendor review and selection of all project materials
Equipment bidding, review, and purchase order preparation
Development and maintenance of purchasing procedures
Review and selection of qualified contractors
Distribution of bid documents
Bid analysis and recommendations of award
Real-time scheduling of construction activities
Change and field order review and approval
Field inspections and documentation
Preparation of site close-out and punch lists
Coordination with radio equipment vendors and general contractors
Scheduling and supervision of tower installations

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Last modified: 18 February 2002